Heavy Petting Zoo

Since Bobby Possumcods is on probation for domestic voilence, he has decided to start his very own legitimate business.  Waco as Bobby. See this on our Volume 2 DVD 

From YouTube

Bobby Possumcods 3 of 10: Heavy Petting Zoo
1.55 min. | 4.576414 user rating | 697577 views
http://www.damnshow.com -- Waco as Bobby Possumcods http://www.facebook.com/bobbypossumcods

  1. Not like nofx did it first or anything...
  2. Was that Possumcod's cartoon buddy Bodeen reading out the address at the end?
  3. Fuck a duck.
  4. c'est qui ce con??
  5. I'm there
  6. You can jack off a jack-ass...i crying
  7. What did I just watch
  8. any relationship between this and Brickle Berry ?
  9. Just stick your tongue up a pig's ass
  10. i can't stop laughing!
  11. this is hilarious
  12. where is this located exactly?
  14. WHAT!!!! 2.99!!!!!???!!!!! LETS GO!!
  15. so funny
  16. " They got Animals , We got Animals , But at my zoo you can fuck 'em " xD
  17. haha-- yaall muuust think im Cra
  18. Headed there today
  19. I think my mean bus driver wanna suck a cows dick and fuck a fuck a chicken
  20. lol did u notice that "no mexicans" sign?
  21. @RailRiderTopFuel Hmm, maybe we should all just fuck MORE animals and everything will be alright!
  22. 4 Dogsonarock.
  24. When are they gonna release another dvd?
  25. I'll just stick to the paddle boats.
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