Bobby Possumcods' Meth

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Got Meth?   Bobby's back with another local commercial. 

From YouTube

Bobby Possumcods 1 of 10: Meth - By Waco O'Guin & Roger Black
1.95 min. | 4.7324953 user rating | 3284786 views @BobbyPossumcods Waco O'Guin as Bobby Possumcods GET BOBBY POSSUMCODS' ANDROID APP NOW! Twitter: @BobbyPossumcods

  1. You guys are fucked! Too funny. 
  2. Fuck out my muh fuckin face! Tony Montana sunny float down filly Billy puck in dick erstwhile he went to the stunted school and they said jon. Will u please see shut the fuck up. Muh tinny my nigga the rowed out my face and Timmy is the best muh fuckin south park huck I'd be u. I judge you I uh s u. Disks u but with. I 8 oh gs5. U r he tiny. Ruby yu know!
  3. Bobby Possumcods 1 of 10: Meth @BobbyPossumcods: 
  4. Hey, wait a minute, don't I know that guy?!?!?!?! F***ing FUNNY SH** !!!!!!!!!
  5. This is fuckin hilarious
  6. Seems Legit and the best part is no side effects
  7. awesome video
  8. Tray stephany.... shut the f*** up
  9. funny really funny I can't say anything without hearing oh shit etc
  10. Fuuniest shit since bum fights
  11. Looks like someone had his methicine XD 
  12. 10/10 for lightsabre in the ass
  13. I get like this after the 115 mg of caffeine that pepsi max has gets in my body
  14. That shit is funny! I don't care who u r. Lmmfao
  15. hahahaa
  16. Funniest shit on Youtube. Oh my god I can't stop laughing..
  17. That shit is funny! I don't care who u r. Lmmfao
  18. fucken funney
  19. That is f n epic.... The lightsaver is def one remembered... Lmao
  20. "But I heard meths not good for you.." "BULLSHIT!"
  21. "Put this shit in your kids Fruit Loops and he will be doing math homework like a damn Chinaman!" Hahahaha
  23. THE FUCKING CIA IS WTCHING MEnnbaksonabwnbbbb
  24. BlAcKpool

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